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Hi I am looking for a chocolate dipping set and some cocoa butter to produce my own candy bars.thanks I am currently doing chocolate for cancer charity work and am in,desperate,need of these items.

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Courtney -

Discussions like this really belong in the Classifieds section and it's ALWAYS a good idea to let people know where you are located in a post like this. If you're outside the US (you're not, you're in Maryland) then the recommendations would not be useful to you.

You can get chocolate dipping sets online through Chocovision. They're not terribly expensive but if you contact Chocovision and speak to Ian and let him know the charitable nature of the work you're doing (and that you are a ChocolateLife member), he may be able to help you on the price.

How much cocoa butter do you need? In NYC David Rosen Bakery Supply sells Blommer undeodorized butter in 35lb tubs at a good price. I've bought over a ton of this over the years so I must think it's pretty good (it is). Call Blommer at (215) 679-4472 and ask if there's someone closer to you that sells it.

:: Clay


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