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Hi guys,


I am still looking for used  and reasonably priced used equipment for making candy- guitar cutter and maybe a melter. I have not made any profit yet from my candy, and think it may be due to my various shapes, and indecision about streamlining my process. I usually spend all night trying to make beautiful candy, and it comes out mediocre, and I fell it would not sell.

I hope a guitar might save me time and stress and make my candy uniform.

If you know anything, let me know.

Thank you.

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Very good videos, I am confident it will work.

But, if you don't mind one more question: I am doing mostly cutting(firm) ganache, for square candies. What is the best proportion of chocolate and cream for firm ganache? I do 1/4 cream to 3/3 chocolate. I am worried that if I put more cream, it will be hard to cut and coat in room temperature.

What is your opinion?

Thank you for your help.


Thanks for all the advice. I am totally new and just beginning. But with no much money so a solucion for a guitar will be more then great. I will buy tomorrow the cutting in tool and a plastic quilting ruler, but with what kind of knife must I cut the ganache ? Must it be warm, cold or how can I cut it the best way ?


Thank you,

You Actually cut thr ganache with the tool. It is really long. The ganache cracks if its chilled and melts soon on the knife as well. It needs to be room temperature, and work quickly. Clean tool often. Brush some chocolate on the pieces for a foot on the truffle bottom.

Thank you very much, so smart to think of something like this.

I only need to buy the ruler still.

Thanks again.


I have a question, do someone know the JKV machines? are they good ? And the Selmi one machines ?

Is there a cheap solucion for a vibrating table ?

Look on Ebay for a dental vibrator (try dental vibrating unit as a search).  You can find one for under $100.  I have one and am planning to make a little platform that will hold the mold in place while it is vibrating.  It is nice because you can adjust the amount of vibration you are getting.

Thank you, it is sure a good solucion.


Thank you very much.

I would like to know if someone has the water tempering machine TF20  DR520241.

Is it a good machine ?

Could you advice me this machine ?


Thank you,


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