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Does anyone know anything about jet black cocoa seed extract? Thnaks

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jet black is a name of an industrial manufacturer's black cocoa powder... is that what you're referring to?
I guess so . It is an ingredient in something and I had never heard of it and I thought it was not called a seed but a husk. But that is the bean and not the seed. I wonder how the the seed be different nutritionally then the bean. Also how many different species of cocoa plants are there?

There is only one species of cacao used to make chocolate - theobroma cacao cacao, also t. cacao cacao. What we call criollo, forastero, trinitario, etc., are varieties of t. cacao. The phrase "jet black cocoa seed extract" probably refers to the color of the extract, not the color of the cacao seeds (I tend to use cacao for fresh/wet and cocoa when referring to dry) from which the extract is made.

Doing a simple bit of research on Google (where this conversation is #1 already - even above the site(s) from the manufacturer, salespeople) for the phrase "jet black cocoa seed extract" we can see that it is a proprietary ingredient in a nutritional supplement marketed by the network marketing (e.g., MLM) company Xyngular. It turns out that "cocoa extract" is an ingredient in several herbal vitamin supplement products.

It is possible to extract the antioxidants from ground cocoa beans and it makes some sense that this is what they're talking about. But - the only place that "jet black cocoa seed extract" exists is in this one supplement. I won't say outright that it is a scam, but I would be skeptical of the claims made for the product. MSRP for a one-month supply is $44.95.
The seed is the same as the bean. I've catalogued a little over 600 different varieties of theobroma cacao genetically - others may have different #'s depending on what they've done. There are companies making cocoa powder out of the 'whole pod' (including the husk), but i'd steer clear of them, as that's where the abundance of pesticides and mycotoxins are going to be present. Plus they don't taste very good 8-)
Thank you. Amazing that there are that many varieties!


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