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I'm curious -- has anyone tried "Kallari Chocolate"? I first learned about the company in the New York Times. In case you're interested, here is the link to the article.

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Yes. I picked a bar up at Whole Foods. I still have part of the bar at home. As well as my notes. :( It's a nice story, but I think the chocolate was only decent. Not much for me to write home about. :) There were 2 bars available at my local Whole Foods - the only difference I could see was in sugar content and I picked up the one with the lesser amount of sugar.
I had the same sort of tasting experience with "Shaman Chocolates." (also available at Whole Foods) Perhaps the company -- and others like it -- will aim to further improve their product. Thanks for the comment, James!
Yes! I tried some at the DC Green Festival in July '07. It was some of the most sublime dark chocolate I'd ever tasted, and I'm somewhat fussy about chocolate. I picked up a number of bars at the festival, and I was delighted to find out that Whole Foods is carrying it. (We don't have a Whole Foods locally, but when I travel to someplace that does, I'll be looking for them.)

I'm not sure which type(s) Whole Foods is offering, but the two kinds I picked up at the festival were called Robertos Recipe and Sisa's Secret. (No, I didn't memorize this. I looked it up recently when I was trying to find some more.)

There was a third kind that I sampled called Diegos Decadence. It wasn't bad, but I liked the other two better. And I was surprised at how different they were from one another. I can't describe the difference from memory, but I ordered some online recently and when I they arrive I'll try to describe the difference in words.
Thanks, Will!
"Taste" is what makes the world go round - and everyone has his or her favorites. I know what I like, and never had a great yearning for a "dark" chocolate because it was too bitter to my taste. Then came Kallari...
Whole Foods had a new display and I, sans shopping list, was hungry. There were many interesting things in my bag when I got home (sound familiar?), but one was a Kallari 85% Cacao bar. To MY taste, this was a revelation, and I haven't looked back since. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Delicate, neither too sweet nor bitter. A chocolate dream to a sensitive palate.
Yes, at least try it. Hope you like it even half as much as I do. The company is also really interesting - as you know. I've been there, and they're really good people.
Kallari... I just tried them while I was down at the natural products expo in S.California (they were not on display, but I stopped to look at local products in Whole Foods, when I came back home, I saw them in my local Whole Foods too... d'oh).

I like the chocolate... the flavor was very one dimensional, but that dimension was an enjoyable one and very bright, which would make it exceptional for specific applications. But they are a Whole Foods exclusive and don't offer bulk, so they're of no use to me. ;)

I personally never buy for a cause, only flavor, the rest is typically just marketing to cover bad flavor.
My response is that this is great chocolate, it's memorable, and here is my take, with reviews....


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