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I've looked a lot into panning, and found it to be really too much of a burden for us.  Yet I continue to be asked for panned items.  I've seen that silly attachment that is sold to make your Kitchen Aid a panner and have written it off time and time again as a joke.

After reading another person panning and I saw a K. Aid attachment mentioned, I thought I should stop thinking about it being a myth and see what you all thought.

  1. Does it work?
  2. What are the requirements?
  3. What are the limitations?

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Hi, Andy - the answers to your question are long, but the condensed version is that the Kitchen Aid attachment does not work due to the inappropriate angle of the bowl.

I sell new and used pans amongst our many offerings of confectionery machinery and have sold over 1000 table top pans that we build new. I can get you through the panning process quite easily. Email me when you are ready to explore your options thanks.

Jim Greenberg, President

Union Confectionery Machinery


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