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I"m getting such a run around on this topic even call FDA but the  hold for an answer  is taking hours. But my question is do we have to put all ingriendents on our products once we start selling online or in person even is your a very small bus? Also do we have to put the Nutritin Facts and if so do anyone  have a lead on how to do this?  I was ready to launch my site when it came to mind and don't want to put myself in any hot water before I get started.



I thought I read somewhere if  you have less than 10 full time employees and make and sales few than 10,000 units you are exempt. (NY) just want to be clear.



Thanks a bunch

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I can't speak for food exactly but I know in cosmetics that all ingredients must be listed on the packaging.

I've had extensive experience with the FDA on cosmetics and know first hand that ignorance is never an excuse.

I quickly looked at the FDA website and here is a link to a few pages that list all of the guidelines:

When I have time I am going to read these CFR as it looks like there are some exceptions to the rules.

21 CFR 101.9(j)(1) and 21 CFR 101.36(h)(1) a

am interest to hear other people that are already selling chocolate's experiences and advice as well!

Best of luck to you,

No matter how small you are you have to list your ingredients (and net weight, btw). You also need to specify any of the major allergens of which your product could contain traces. The exemption you mention is for the Nutrition Facts label--you don't have to do this until you sell over a certain amount per year. Which is handy, cause it will cost a few bucks to get that info together. The FDA has a guide dedicated to labeling requirements that goes into serious detail.
thank you so much for this link! saved me a lot of time and frustration!
I called the FDA. Since I don't use any meat products they referred me to the Dept of Ag. and Mkts. I called them and They told me I was talking to the correct Dept.
In order to sell in NYS I need an approved kitchen. A list of ingredients starting with the largest ingredient. A name on the packaging. Contact #'s and owner name.
I was told If I met that I can sell anywhere I want. I should be able to verify that in about 4 weeks when I open my shop. My other inspections include the town code, fire marshal, and town Supervisor. Also Certificate of authority to collect taxes. Insurance in case someone gets sick. Then it's time to see the business attorney. This is what I have to do in NY. If I require more or less I will post when I open for business.


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