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I have been getting encouraging results making milk chocolate and I'm looking to experiment with malt extract and possibly lactose. 

Studying the ingredient list in several milk chocolates one can see lactose is sometimes included as in individual ingredient. Eg. see Lindt's Swiss Classic Milk Chocolate which lists sugar, cocoa butter, milk ingredients (?), cocoa mass, lactose, soya lecithin, barley malt extract, artifical flavor (?). 

Does anyone know if milk chocolate has lactose added separately, in addition to that present in podered milk? If so, how much?

I am thinking it will contribute to less sweetness and added 'milky' flavor. 

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FWIW - the sugar makeup of my recipe being 1/3 lactose and 2/3 sucrose worked quite well on the weekend.


Thanks for the update!

Did you find the texture or mouthfeel different? Considering the hardness of lactose I'd be concerned of a 'grainy' texture. 

I refined for 24 hours and the texture was smooth - no mouthfeel difference. It was noticeably less sweet (which is what I was aiming for).


My first impression is that Malt made the chocolate bring back memories of milk chocolate I loved as a kid. You quickly become familiar with the taste and it is an ingredient in a lot of chocolate you see on the shelves.

Try with 2% dried malt powder to start.

I do wonder if the different Malt extracts (dark, light) may be worthwhile in exploring.


Cant wait to try it out. Thanks Felipe

FYI French Broad Chocolate makes a 45% milk malt bar. It's quite addictive

I used dark malt extract from a brewing store. I initially used 3% and, for dark malt extract, it was too much. I dropped that to 1.75% for my second batch and that seems closer to the mark.


I haven't tried using light malt extract yet.


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