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I have been having consistent difficulty with coating caramels with chocolate- using tempered Guittard Prestige. They spring little leaks. This happens even if I double dip them. They can look perfect and if I turn my head for a second-pop!- there's a little caramel poking its head out. I've tried dipping at room temp and slightly chilled and no difference. Caramels have nuts and coconut in them. Any clues? remedies?

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hey virginia,

How hard is the consistency of your caramel? the harder it is the less chances for it to pop.

I'll try with firmer caramel but the current consistency is pretty nice feel in the mouth contrasted with the chocolate snap. It's slightly soft but not runny.

If your coatings are too thin, they will most likely break as the chocolate crystalizes around the soft caramel.  Quite often soft caramel requires double coatings because of cracking.

Thanks, with these batches even double coating doesn't seem to stop the leakage.

Our soft caramels are bizarre. If you chill them when they return to room temp they melt. If we do not chill them they hold form.  If we chill the they will pop leaks or find a way out even on a thick coat, again unchilled this behavior is very minimized.

Strange right? YMMV but try some different handling.

Maybe that's it. I'll also try to see if it makes any difference if I use stove top caramels vs microwave.

The latter are hard to cut if you don't chill them first. Thanks for your help


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