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Just made my first batch of cherry cordials along with some salted caramels, they look great and everything but their gooey goodness is oozing out? Why? is it just not completely sealed? this has never happened on the caramels before.......?any suggestions

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we make thousands of very liquid cordials and caramels every week. A very small percentage always leak. It is, most likely, a seal problem. we take great care to make sure no filling rides up the sides creating a place where the filling can ooze out. this is, most likely, where your problem is.
Thanks Jeff, I guess I need to have a little more patience and ensure a good coating. THX
its a pain in the ass but we look at every cavity and use a small artists palette knife to remove any potential problem areas. with 32 cavities x 25 molds a run its a mind numbingly tedious process but our reject rate is very low now. patience is key. meticulous anal retentive exactitude a must.
These are all enrobed by hand, I'm thinking it just didn't seal properly since the problem areas are around the cherry stem and some, now that I've looked are poorly enrobed center because I was in a hurry. Gotta learn how to be more patient I guess. One of these days I will get it....?



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