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I have a couple questions for you experts out there. I am looking for a good Dutch process cocoa for the dark color. I am going to be doing allot of baking and I really want a rich dark color with a rich flavor, i was thinking of dutch process to get the color right. I dont want the flavor to be to exotic, more of an everyday chocolate lovers then a experts choice.


What is the best cocoa powder? I have heard Valrhona is good but allot of reviews actually say its kinda burnt tasting.


Would I be better off buying a specific brand of cocoa powder or buying from a wholesaler who just tells me where its from, fat content, ect?


What is the difference between a cocoa powder with a 10-12% fat and 20-22% fat?


Do you have any recommendations as to were to purchase cocoa in bulk at a good price.


Thank you!







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