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Hi all - 

I've been doing some recipe researching and making for my chocolate business and in the past I haven't used light corn syrup in my ganache recipes.

I wanted to just gauge opinions on reasoning behind it. I'd be making super premium fine artisanal chocolates so would it be acceptable to have it in my various ganache recipes or should I go with a more natural alternative like glucose, etc. 

I get it that it would help sweeten recipes and prevent the graininess in the ganache but I want my ganaches to be as natural as possible and uphold the credibility of the fine chocolate industry and I am concerned about it going into them.

What are everyone's opinions? Do you guys use it in your recipes or only in certain recipes. If you do you use it, it there any type of formula for it's usage? If anyone has any resources to provide some guidance for or against its usage with ganache, that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Glenn,

Just a little advice that I have found helpful, go get yourself a book called "Chocolates and Confections" by Peter Grewling. I have been a chef for 25 years and know a something about a lot of different foods but when I started with chocolates, this book became like the Bible for me. It goes through everything you can possibly imagine, from every ingredient you could use to things needed to start a professional chocolate business. I know this book will help you it is fantastic.

Best of luck,


The problem with 'natural' is that everyone has a unique definition of what it is.  Is there a technical advantage?  Sure.  Do your consumers care?  Ask them 8-)

Honestly I use agave instead of corn syrup in a lot of my recipes, and they turn out similar or exactly the same as the corn syrup versions. 


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