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List of Equipment Required for Small Scale Chocolate Business

Hi to everyone in this forum,

Can someone tell me what kind of equipment, utensils, accessories etc, I would require to start a small chocolate making business ?. As far as i understand, I will need molds, tempering machine. Please suggest.


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We are still a very young company, but have been able to get going with a used Hilliard Little Dipper tempering machine, a fist full of dipping forks, & cups/boxes I was able to secure. We make cream centers and are building up the ability to produce more volume.

Short list of equipment

- Book by P. Greweling Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner - It's fantastic and will really help. The latest edition has info on setting up a chocolate shop.

Tempering Machine (Many will say this is optional, but make your life easier & spring for it.)

Depending on if you'll do Ganache, Cream Fondant, Caramels... you'll need different pots, kettles. You'll be the best judge here.

Dipping Forks

Molds as you suggested.

We have used a Square & iPhone to process credit/debit cards. It works fine.

Discovering that caramel will not stick to buttered parchment paper was a fantastic discovery for us.

a good thermometer or two


fire extinguisher

panning equipment is optional.

Display cases - Refrigeration may be needed

?? Humidity Controlled Display Cases??

a caramel cutter (rolling pin style) is useful, but you can get by with a knife & ruler.

assorted bowls, measuring spoons, cups, scale...

wax paper


Please forgive the disjointed list. Just to re-emphasis the book I listed above has been a great help to me and many others.






Hi Larry,

Thanks for the valuable info. I will buy the book and am sure it will be helpful. When did you start your chocolate business?


Chocolate has been a family tradition for years and years, but we started selling last October.

Hi Larry

Do you use your caramel cutter for ganache slabs? I'm just starting up a little chocolate business myself and if possible would prefer to not shell out thousands on a guitar cutter if I can just use a caramel cutter.



You can just as easily use a pairing knife and a ruler. A little bit of practice and you,ll be able to get at least 100 square in 20 cuts. Total investment $ 5

All our centers are fondant, so I can't really speak to how it would do for ganache.

With the fondant, we just use the caramel cutter to score the fondant and caramel, then cut it with a long chef's knife.

A guitar cutter is on my short list of equipment to buy though. I dream of how much time could be save with a guitar.

Do you want to start from couverture or from beans?

I am kinda new in this industry, hence would like to start from couverture.

Thanks, appreciate your honest reply. 


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