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We produce thousands of chocolate lollipop's a year and now with a new agreement I will probably double the amount I produce in a year, which is good news, but I have a problem..

All my lollipop's are packaged in a clear polypro bag and tied down with curling ribbon, they look great and I feel it adds to the the "handmade" part of my business. the problem I have is the cost of labor of doing this, which I estimate being in the 20 cent per item, not including the ribbon.

I have a bag sealing machine.. this machine is great and I use it when i'm stuck, I do not really like the look of the finished product.

I am looking into bows with a twist tie, but again the cost is still pretty high unless I get them out of china, which scares me a bit.. I would like to know how some of you are packaging their pop's, or if someone has a possible solution or lead or manufacturer they know of that can help me bring my cost down, while still keeping a nice look on the finished product.

thank you !

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