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Hey there all you chocomaniacs.

I started working for a chocolate manufacturer who would like me to make him some new recipes for his factory. It sounds pretty straight forward until you hear the conditions:
1.No alcohol
2.Fast production
3.prefer Classic style (ie.gianduja and nut based fillings)
4. Long shelf life (more than 3 months) so I can't use cream
5.No preservatives
The factory produces more than 40 types of bonbon already so I really need to be creative here

Any help or feedback is HIGHLY appreciated.

Many thanks friends


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Pipe into chocolate shells and recover with a funnel and scrape.

What about coconut oil? I make a nice vegan filing with it and fondant and can make it as firm or as creamy as you want and the oil is mostly tasteless...just a thought.

sounds stressfull , I could use some help , on panning , I bought a new machine ,steve


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