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Hi I'm starting a small home business and  would like to by a good used tempering machine! Not looking for any particular kind just a good one to start. Any recommendations are accepted.


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I have a Hilliards Little Dipper for sale. $700. Free shipping.
Please message me.
Hi Larry, If the Little Dipper is still available could you please contact me at Thanks!
Please tell us more about your plans. Will you be dipping or molding. How much per day will you be doing.
What will you be dipping. The more information you share the better advise you'll get.
Here is a conversation about the benefits and disadvantages of the chocovision x3210 & Delta compared to the Hilliard Little Dipper.

Are you looking for an enrober?
What is your budget?
Thanks & welcome to The Chocolate Life. You will love it here.

Hi Larry,

I'm new to this forum and pretty new to the chocolate world. I just purchased the Revolution Delta and am looking for an enrober to go with it [a local Chocolate 'maker' advised me to purchase the Revolution). From the limited research I've done online, I have not been successful in finding a "small" enrober that would work with the Revolution Delta. I was wondering whether you can provide some advice where I can pick up an enrober similar to Chocovison's version (the enrober by Chocovision will not work with the Revolution (link to Chocovision enrober: I'm not limited to the Revolution, it's just that I need a tempering machine that's somewhat mobile.. 

Feel free to message me directly:

Looking forward to hearing from you,



I apologize for the delay. I spent last week out camping with the boy scouts. I'm just now getting back in the swing of things.

The classifieds section of this site is probably your best bet on getting a less expensive but high quality enrober. I'm not fond of the chocovision enrober. Yes, even with buying the whole setup new, they don't have a good way to get chocolates off the belt yet. i.e. paper take off belt. Nor does their machine have a blower or detailer. I spoke to one of their guys last spring about posting a video of the machine in action. - it was 'coming' but still isn't on their site yet.

I don't have an enrober yet, but through learning on TheChocolateLife and a training session with an amazing local chocolatier, I've learned that it will be remarkably valuable.

I've toyed with the idea of building an enrober to fit our Rev 3210, but I think the problem would become running out of chocolate too quickly. Even with a holey baffle. Besides, that may not be worth reinventing the wheel.

Perfect Equipment and Bakon have some smaller machines. They come up used on here every so often. Clay is a distributor for FBM machines. He can get you pricing on their smaller equipment. From what I recall, they are priced right in there with Perfect and Bakon's entry level machines, but offer continuous tempering.

As far as mobility goes, could a machine that would roll up a ramp and onto a box truck be deemed mobile? or is this a carry up the stairs and around corners kind of mobile?

There was another true table top machine, but I cannot remember the brand. Hmmm.

I looked into mixing and matching brands of equipment. However I was encouraged to keep things simple by staying with one brand. This would reduce the number of areas for difficulty and reduce the troubleshooting challenges.

Welcome to TheChocolateLife

Thanks Larry 

Sorry I have not responded sooner, a few life delays occurred in the last month.

To answer your question, I plan to create truffles a variety of fillings for now.

I'm hoping to make at least a 100 a day at the moment. I'm in the process of sourcing chocolate , in particular Guittard.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

send me your email to advice you which machine you must buy and will link you to picture



Your English here is not correct. Your recommendation to Sabrina is just that, a recommendation - it is not that she "must" buy from you the machine you advise her on. Also, other people in the future may be interested in what you recommend to Sabrina, so I would appreciate your keeping the answers public - and not asking members to email you privately.

:: Clay

Thank you , Clay

Hi Sabrina,

You might want to try Andy Greenberg"    at


They usually specialize in larger used equipment, but may have some smaller items around.

Good Luck,

John R.

Dear sabrina I have the best machine for startup business and lowest price you could start with 15 kgs with agitator as semi automatic one and can be used for tempering and moulding and neef separate vibrator to remove bubbles and latet you could buy 30 kgs with enrober if you start with me will support you by best price you will never find it no where I found more than 100 small businesses worldwide for the vibrator and moulder 15 kgs will cost you 2600 plus 700 usd warranted and free shipping door to nearest airport new one if need 30 kgs with vibrator onboard 4000 fob new ine also two years warranty market p r ice 7500 usd reply me within this week if u r Interested regards


I have to counsel you again here on the way you represent your machines and business. You have a particular type of batch tempering machine - one with a wheel. You do not have the best machine for all startup businesses.

:: Clay


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