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Hi I'm starting a small home business and  would like to by a good used tempering machine! Not looking for any particular kind just a good one to start. Any recommendations are accepted.


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Those prices are especially for chocolate life .com


After re-thinking and researching different types of tempering machines, any thoughts on the Chocovision Revolation  X3210 (Rev X)  ? I'm also interested in refurbished or used machines anyone know of the ? Are they a reliable company online?

I really would appreciate any suggestions you may have for starting with the right tempering machine for my small business, I'm very much a beginner!

Thank you

Dear sabrina we offer u best price and new machine 15 kgs plus warranty think about us regards

Way to large for my needs. Thank you

i am a cocoa farmer from east africa, and i am able to supply any quantity of cocoa bean requested  Contact me soonest if interested

Hilliard 80 lbs unit on craigslist $3100


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