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Looking for a good source for organic chocolate from South America

Whether dark chocolate bars or chocolate butter and powder, I'm looking for a good source for high quality organic chocolate from South America that is lead-free.

Maybe "raw" chocolate as well. 

I have been looking at this site. Anyone know anything about it?

Any tips? Thanks!

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It's just marketing mumbo-jumbo; nothing of any substance there.

I had that feeling too. Any ideas for a better source?

Anyone know anything about where the chocolate comes from that is used in these products? These two are the only chocolates I eat right now.

I have tried to contact them to inquire about their sources but have not heard back.

try chocolate alchemy they have a good supply of beans from all over



If you are looking to source from South America (Ecuador particularly) you should be at least as interested in the level of cadmium as lead. Cadmium is often found in volcanic soils.

I can provide very high quality all-natural chocolate from Ecuador, made from 100% Arriba (Nacional) cacao beans. The chocolate comes from a medium-sized company that mostly focuses on the internal Ecuador market.

I just got back after 3 1/2 weeks in Ecuador.  We toured factories and farms with my family and friends. I've loved dark chocolate for most of my life, especially with a glass of red (or Port!) wine.  We enjoyed one of the tours so much that we went back to the "fabrica" again and ultimately secured samples so that we could help spread the word. It probably helps that my wife is from Spain and I'm fluent in Spanish ;-)

Since I got back I've tried to find a better chocolate.  Valhrona is very good, but it is expensive and it already has vanilla, which can always be added later (if you're cooking). I've already compared to Callebaut / Trader Joe's; I think this chocolate is much smoother and tastier. I won't even mention Hershey's, Cadbury, etc.

I can get White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and 55%, 75% or 100% dark chocolate in 1 kilogram bars or "kibbles" in bags for easy melting.

I have the technical specifications (in Spanish; I can translate if needed).

If you are still looking for chocolate let me know.

I have some some organic butter and powder.  If you are interested let me know.  i can send you some samples or documents if you need.


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