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Hi All,

It seems when everything is flowing along, something happens to put a spoke in the wheels.  My spoke in the wheels is a discontinuation of a stock box that I use.  The minimum order for a special order is 5000 boxes.  As I use this size the most infrequently - 5000 is too much!  Unfortunately, I have 1 product that ONLY fits in this box. 

I'll paste a link to a smaller version of this box.  It's from Nashville Wraps.  The one I am looking for is the 3/4 lb. (7-1/2 x 4-1/4 x 1-7/8") in BROWN colour.  Stock # FCBC3.  If you've got some laying around and aren't using them - I'll take them!  Or if you use them too and are interested in a special order - let me know!

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Lana, have you tried mod-pac?  They have stock sizes and do custom runs from 1000 units.

I've looked at their stock boxes but they don't work for sizing.  I'll inquire about their custom runs - thanks!


Edit:  I just checked out their website and it looks like 1 of their custom boxes MIGHT work!  Thanks again!

Thanks Kerry, I did check them out - nothing that works.  As it turns out ModPac has minimums of 5000 - 10,000.  I've been in contact with a few Canadian box makers to see if any make folding boxes.  Instabox got back to me quickly and will give me a quote.  They have no issue doing runs of 1000.  I'll let you know if they're in the ballpark!


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