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Does anyone know where I can source plain, square chocolate bar moulds? Ideally about 85g & sized 85*85 without patterns or inserts, to create 'slab' bars of chocolate.

I have contacted suppliers all across Europe & have had no luck to date, I can get 100g bars but not 85g.

If anyone knows of a supplier, I would be over the moon!



Bean and Goose Chocolate


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This has a textured pattern but it's very close to your size requirements:

Breakable square bar but again close in size:

Thanks Adam,

I have seen the mould in chocolat-chocolat but have not come across Tomric as yet - so thank you, I will drop them a mail to see if they have what I am looking for.




Karen -

It would also be helpful to know how many molds you are looking for - and I assume you are looking for professional-grade polycarbonate?

Hi Clay,

Sorry, yes I am looking for professional grade polycarbonate. I would need about 25 moulds to start with.



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