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does anyone have any leads for suppliers of confection grade foils,  I need something thick and preferably paper lined, (not essential), but available in many colors and custom sizes?  

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I have seen recommendations for or If buying smaller quantities pre-cut may be a good fit. 

Hope it helps. 

Thanks, I am ordering from  Aufoil, but I have run out of color options and need to expand.


We've ordered from Alufoil since we opened.  They have always provided great service.

ChocolateLife member Frank Haberman contacted me recently and he says he offers foils in a variety of sizes and colors through his on-line store Candy Foil Warehouse. Not sure about the custom sizes, though. He has a companion store that sell all sorts of materials for packaging that might also be helpful, Bags for Gifts.

We were talking about some sort of special discount or incentive program for ChocolateLife members, so why don't you contact Frank and see what he can do for you?


Thanks for the info, we will check Frank's site out.  The next question is the printer outerwrappers.  Is that something we do locally or is there an on-line source.


Hi Beth,

Know you posted this some time ago, but could help others asking the same question. Alufoil requires you purchase each color and size in lots of 1000 sheets each. At you will find Confectionary foils in all standard sizes including Candy Bar lined sheets. The standard foil is .00045 thick. If you need thicker we can order you .00060.  We have no minimum purchase. You can order from 1 pack of 100 sheets and ship via USPS for $2 to $3 depending on the size of the foils or you can ship from up to 40 packs of foil again depending on the size with Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope for only $5.85, We have large in house inventory and ship most orders the same or next day.

Hi, we are manufacturer & exporter of chocolate foil. We make customized foil as per our clients requirement. Kindly mail us your requirement at or

Please visit our website -

the above link is for chocolate foil page, where you can get more info about our products.

I am also attaching a catalog for chocolate foil with this message, please view it and revert me back.


Prerna Jhawar

M: +919831494506
Skype - prernaj77
Phone: +913322314989
Fax: +913322314988


Please our Chocolatelife page....

Can anyone link me to the FDA s rule on paper lining between foil and chocolate? Uncomfortable with confectionary foil touching the chocolate. Confectionary foil distributor tells me FDA is not ok with the paper lining.
Seeking post consumer Or more sustainable than tree paper suitable for wrapping chocolates and sticker ing to seal the 'wrap'. Ideas?
Will be more clear I access and understand FDA s business with what I can wrap with and not.. Diving into fed reg realm any leads helpful ;)


We are manufacturer & exporter of Candy Foil + Chocolate Foil + Laminated Foil which is food grade certified. It is also available in custom sizes as per clients need. Multiple colors are available with paper lined confectionery foil. You can make your company name print or embossed or precut size as per request.

Please feel free to fill this form, click on the link -

Waiting for your reply.



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