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Looking for Good Sources of Certified Organic Cacao Beans

I am looking for new, good and reputable sources of certified organic cacao beans. Is there anybody on this forum in the business of selling beans/nibs/butter to chocolatiers? Perhaps a directory of farmers or importers exists? Any help would be much appreciated!

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Currently looking for Cacao from Madagascar, Venezuela, and Peru.  If anybody has any leads on good sources, please let me know.


 Check out Cepicafe for Peruvian beans. Quality is excellent - just about to get some myself - and they are certified Fairtrade and organic I believe. If you need a contact let me know and I will send you the details.


Hi Duffy

Currently looking for a supplier of Peruvian beans too, much appreciate if you could send me contact details.



Hi Kate,


 Try Santiago Paz at - that is who I have been dealing with. I've just ordered 500kg from them as the test samples they sent were very interesting.





Brilliant will do, many thanks



Thanks Duffy!


I have some organic, fair trade here in the states.  Not a whole lot left.  Only about 2MT

Hi Steve,

We grow NOP Organic Certified Cocoa in Madagascar and supply most of the top quality chocolate makers in Europe and in the US. Please feel free to contact me for more information. We keep an inventory in the US and have no problem in delivering small quantities. Kindest regards, Bertil

Hi Bertil,

Thanks for this prospect.  I would like to purchase a small sample from you if possible.



Hi Bertil,

Would you mind getting in touch with me so I can try a small quantity/sample?!  Thank you, Tyler

Greetings from Ecuador I commented that caught my attention from your message, I'm working directly with groups of certified organic, my question is whether this butter, cocoa nibs and the need to type Raw grains, how many tons and we present our Arriba criollo cacao is 100% mountains from our work is integral scheme we are developing other projects with the peanut butter. with a group of producers but we are in the process of organic certification, if you're interested in having more information can write me at my email we understand the am open to what you want a fraternal greeting and success.

hi from peru steve.   i agree with duffy cepicafe has good quality.  i'm in tingo maria right now and the naranjillo coop has organic and fair trade cert.  to the north in tarapoto acopagro has cert i believe.  and there is probably someone with organic cert in the cusco growing area.   most of the beans from naranjillo and acopagro are ccn-51 with some other stuff mixed in.  piura has better genetics, cusco i'm not sure.


what volume are you looking for?

quality specs? (fermentation level, etc), do you care about genetics?

any other specs?


all fermented and sun dried beans in peru will have gone over 50C in  post-harvest, if thats a dq then peru will not be for you.  many of the large coops buy beans at 9-12% humidity and finsh drying in a gas dryer, which may affect you as a raw producer. i know most of the people in the industry here if you want to talk to any of them let me know i can connect you, directly or through appcacao or the ag ministry.





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