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Looking for Good Sources of Certified Organic Cacao Beans

I am looking for new, good and reputable sources of certified organic cacao beans. Is there anybody on this forum in the business of selling beans/nibs/butter to chocolatiers? Perhaps a directory of farmers or importers exists? Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi Brian,

We are looking for about 200KG, 90% fermented.

We are most interested in nibs.   The 50C is not necessarily a deal killer.  We would need to inspect a sample.

If you could connect me to a good contact, I would greatly appreciate it!


Sacred Steve,

my family is in the business of growing organic cacao from the Dominican Republic.  My grandfather's farm makes use of only nature's environment to grow the cacao.  Meaning, that the maintenance done on the farm is strictly natural and makes NO use of chemicals or synthetics.  I am working on modernizing our business practices as well and will be making a move to the Dominican Republic soon to help with the business.  If you'd like, send me a  message and we can discuss possible solutions.  Maybe we can help each other in the process.  Thank you. 

Hi Edwin,

I would love to try a sample of your beans/nibs.  Are they certified organic?



Hey.  I sell several varieties of organic beans.  Peru, madagascar, ecuador, dominican republic.  I was out of the game for quite a while due to divorce and several other things but am up and running again.

Hi Eric,

Glad to hear you are back.  I am still dealing with the aftermath of a divorce myself.

Would love to sample your cert. organic nibs if you have any?  I love the stuff from madagascar.


Dear Steve,

We have irrigated cacao plantations in the south of Bahia (Brazil) where we produce high quality cocoa. We mechanized all the process and we are expecing to have +/- 300 MT this year and 500 MT in 2012.
Please find more information, pictures and video on our website.

If interested, please contact me by email on


NB: We don't have an organic certification

I can help you source Costa Rican Matina Cocoa. Shoot me a message and we can chat details. Organic fine beans.

"directory of farmers or importers" here-i think it could be a really good idea..

I think you have been directed to the best suppliers out there. I also want to use this opportunity to alert you of our company. Cocoa Beans Ltd was created in 2009 and we have been the leading supplier of Cocoa in our local community and battling to the best exporters in Cameroon. Contact me at for more information regarding our products and affordable prices.


i am a cocoa farmer from east africa, and i am able to supply any quantity of cocoa bean requested  Contact me soonest if interested


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