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Hi all

Currently I make chocolates at home but I would like to start a bigger production  

I would like to know if anyone know's how to get a good shelf life for a ganache?

I know you can add trimoline invert sugar or sugar but I have not had much experience in using it so I don't know how much to add

I mostly just make a simply ganache eg

100g cream 250g chocolate 100g puree few drops of flavour

As you will know this type of recipe is great for small batches to be eaten within the next few days ??? or a week ??? I think,   but not so good if you plan to keep then for a while .... they will get mould !!!!

If i were to add invert sugar and cook it with the puree,  will this extend the self life ?  I don't know If this is the right sugar to add or how much to add.

can you help ??

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This book gives a good introduction to a complex topic

Hi Laura, where are you currently getting your cacao beans from, if I may?

i just get chocolate int callets a melt  barry callebaut no beans 

According to Greweling the shelf life of the average cream ganache is three weeks. Butter ganache 6-8


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