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Looking for sources in New York City for article about chocolate


I'm a reporter for a newspaper in Manhattan working on a fun food piece about chocolate; more specifically about the premium/high-end chocolate craze and the rise of the "chocolate snob" like the wine snob before him/her. I need sources from New York City (any borough) to weigh in on this topic for the piece -- opinions; obsessions; fun anecdotes about showing up to your friend's dinner party not with a bottle of Merlot, but some expensive dark chocolate bars; dark vs. milk debates, etc. etc.

If you're interested in speaking with me, please message me as soon as possible and we can take it from there! My deadline is this Monday morning, Jan. 19.


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Sorry, I just saw your request. I often show up with chocolate, as you say. However, I don't think I do this to show off, but to share. I do some reviewing/rating for forthcoming chocolcate website. But my most important relationship to chocolate is to promote spiritual practice.
Rev. R. M. Peluso
please visit my website and call me if you wish.
click on Meditation and see: Chocolate Tasting Meditation (TM) or google: Rev. R. M. Peluso, chocolate meditation
Would love to see the article when you are done!

Sorry I didn't see the post earlier, this is a point of my research that I would be more than willing to discuss.



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