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looking to buy a hilliard little dipper or a revolution x3210

Hi, I am just a hobby chocolate maker only producing about 500 pieces at a time and I am tired of tempering my chocolate on the stove. I am looking at a hilliard little dipper or a revolution x3210 but I cannot decide which one to buy. I hear the hilliards are built better but the revolution is easier to use. Also does anyone have the holy baffle for the revolution and if so does it work? Thank you for any information you can provide.

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Oops I am looking at either the little dipper, the revolation x3210 or the revolation delta. Thank you
I know it's a much smaller unit, but Dove Chocolate Discoveries is selling the Revolution 1 with chocolate and transfer sheets for $154 during the month of March only. At that price you could afford to get 2 units! I can send you more information if you're interested
I've rented the x3210 before and had no problems. I've seen the Hilliards but it just was too tall for my liking. I did just order a Delta this week and the couple of extra features seemed valuable to me.

From my research I found the best price at Chocosphere
Discussions about buying and selling equipment belong in the Classifieds group. So, I am closing the discussion here. If there is still a need on the part of the original poster, the thread can be restarted in Classifieds.

:: Clay


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