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Hi, I am looking to purchase gently used chocolate molds. Shipping will be to the Chicago area. Thanks Donna

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Are you looking for all kinds of molds or just the heavy polycarb magnetic?

We have several bins of molds that we no longer need but they are the "CK" type but we have cranked out a lot of seasonal chocolates with them.  All in good shape and clean.


Oh Thanks Doug. I really want the polycarbonate, not necessarily magnetic but.  I produce a lot, and my fellow employees are not very kind to the more fragile molds.

Thanks Donna

I would be interested in the polycarbonate chocolate molds if they are in good condition.

What do you still have? Do you have descriptions and/or photos?

I am an amateur in Chicago and want PC molds.



Hi Donna,

A have a few polycarbonate pro molds I would like to sell. I used these one or twice but have no place to store them any more...I have listed them below....I'm happy to ship them to you, let me know if you are interested and we can work something out price wise. Cheers, Dirke

I have a set of 6 dome molds, put two together and they make a sphere - size18 X 9mm - 54 cavities.

Also 1 triangle poly mold - Triangle shaped 31 X 28mm X 24 mm - 28 cavities

1 Square Gift Box Mold, 11" x 5 1/4", Square Gift Box, 1.02" square x .75" high, 21 pc tray

1 Overlap Sloping Rectangle Mold, 11" x 5 1/4", Overlap Sloping Rectangle, 1.14" x .71" x .63" high, 24 pc tray

Hi Dirke,

I would be interested in all 6. What would the price be shipping to 60305?

Thanks Donna

Good morning Donna,

I am assume you where talking about the 6 dome molds, the cost to ship would be $35. Let me know if you want them.

Sorry for the delayed response, I stupidly forgot to follow this thread.



I would be interested in all of the molds. What is the price, delivered to Chicago?

Since you may have sold some of them please advise what is left.

When you use the dome molds how do you make the two domes into a sphere? How

do they hold together? Thanks. Jim

Hi James

Can you give me your ZIP code. I have all the molds. The dome molds have opposing bumps and holes that make then line up, simply put elastics around them until they set and your good!.


your looking around $40 $45 for delivery for all of the molds if Donna doesn't want the dome molds, Let me know if you want them.

To be clear are you saying all the solid molds, 3 of them

and 6 of the dome molds delivered to Chicago or are you quoting the delivery charges only?

My question is what remains? What is the cost if I take all of them? What is the delivery charge estimate to Chicago 60611? Thanks

my email is

James I quoted you delivery only - I have these molds posted with price here in the forum - Molds for Sale

I will email you the entire price shipping and molds directly.

Hi Dirke,I too have been busy and lost track of the thread. If you send me an invoice for the total I will be happy to send it along, as per your direction.

Thanks so much.



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