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Does anyone know where to get a few pounds of preferably milk callets, low fat? I'm trying the ethyl cellulose experiment to bring the melting point up. Please.. I'm a geek and I must try this no matter how horrifying it sounds to your pallet. Any hints? Thanks

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How low in fat?

Ideally 12% mass lower or greater.. so around half the fat

most of your standard milk chocolate is going to have about 12% liquor by default.  you want a milk chocolate that has 1/2 the fat of standard milk chocolate?  if so, while it's technically feasible, you're simply not going to find any supplier who has the knowledge or desire to do such a thing i'm afraid.  about the lowest commercially available milk chocolate - finished fat level - that your'e going to find (assuming you want to enrobe or mold with it) will be about 28% ish.

Do you know which chocolate would be in that range? 

Call the fine folks at Cargill or Blommer and they can walk you through what their current offerings are..


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