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Does anyone have thoughts on "manually enrobing" product please?

I am panning freeze dried strawberries and I'd like to do raspberries and too and they are very fragile. Simply panning does not work - the fruit breaks up and it's a mess.

I have made a batch of the strawberries and they are sensational and I'd like to do the raspberries too. The way I did the strawberries was to temper some milk chocolate and pour the chocolate through the fruit while mixing it around. Then placing it all on trays. Then I pan the resultant product when the chocolate is hard. The "enrobing" takes AGES to do and is not really commercially viable (I sell it in markets). Also if I leave a spot "unenrobed" that breaks apart in the pan - messy messy.

The above does not work for the raspberries as they are even more fragile.

So I'd like to enrobe - but the eqipment is really costly (I have asked about machines in another forum so maybe I'll get some guideance there too).

So I am wondering if there is a better way that someone might know of please?

Thanks Guyz 'n Girlz!

Colin :-)

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I mold a lot of chocolates.  What about dropping the f.dried fruit into a molded shell, then panning it?


Molded shell? This is getting outside of my knowledge. You mean that I MAKE the shell, fill it with chocolate, drop in the fruit and then pan?

Sounds like an interesting direction to take! The fruit can vary in size substantially. Some are quite small and others quite large and the chocolate layer should be as thin as possible both for economics and for enjoyment. Maybe the panning process will collapse the shell around the fruit a bit like heat shrink wrapping? You have me thinking!



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