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Hi everyone,

As an option for my school project I want to go over the costs of the machinery needed to produce chocolate. My partners and I are not knowledgeable in this area so I could use your expertise! The following are the machinery and respective prices that I have found (mostly from Please let me know if the costs are wrong and if I am missing equipment or should replace any of them!

The production capacity for the company is 2475 kg of dark chocolate per month, so around 15 kg per hour.

Process: bean cleaning, roasting, cracking, winnowing, nib grinding, refining/conching, tempering, molding

Bean Cleaner: $2000

Roaster: $200

Cracker: $1000

Winnower: $800

Nib grinder: 150$

Two-roll refiner: $2000 

Five-roll refiner: $5000

Conch machine: $1000

(cheaper alternative to two-roll & conch): refiner/conching: 500$ Santha Wet Grinder 

Tempering machine: $1000

-     mixer: $ 2000

-     molds: 60$ per (supports 20 spoons).

Thank you kindly!

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