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Hey everyone! We recently founded Chocomize about a half year ago. Our whole idea is that people can go to our website,, and design their own personalized chocolate bars. They can pick from three types of Belgian
chocolates, milk, dark, and white, and over 100 different ingredients. Our
ingredients range from the usual like nuts and fruits, to the unusual like 23
Karat gold flakes, candied rose petals, sea salt, and more. In addition, we
donate a portion of our proceeds to charity and the customer gets to pick which
charity they want to donate too!

We are trying to reach out to get some advice. We are looking for a good way to increase our exposure. We think our chocolate bars are the best in the world because they are designed by YOU the customer. Can
anyone recommend some good blogs that we could send samples to? Any other advice
you might have for us? Would anyone who owns a candy store be interested in
carrying our product? Thanks in advance for all your help.


Nick, Eric, and Fabian

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Send some bars to Emily Stone of Chocolate in Context. If your chocolate is top-notch and she likes your product, you will get a mention.
However, my best results have been obtained through social networking sites, particularly Facebook. I started a Business Page in February, and through ads purchased on FB ($8/day advertising budget) plus my own connections, have almost 2,000 "fans." This translates into two or more daily sales (actual walk-ins) and many email and Wall inquiries.
That's great! Thanks a lot for your advice. We will definitely try the facebook ads and check out the blog.
I've had 63 chocolatiers and retailers send me their chocolate since I started The Chocolate Cult. We just hosted a contest to give away a hot chocolate maker last week in fact. While not many entered that contest (geographical limits on entering) we have a ton of hits. We get our biggest draw on Saturday for our "Sacraments". I'd be happy to talk to you more if you'd like to email me. We are booked on reviews until June currently but I'm happy to talk.


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