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Can someone tell me the brand of convection oven the Mast Brothers use in their shop in Williamsburg.

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Thanks Solis! Glad you enjoy it. :)

Clay: I don't really count anymore, since I added the drum to the oven. From what I've read online, it seems as if Colin and Alan may take steps to counter the limitations of convection ovens. Based on an interview with Alan I read, I believe that he monitors the roast for each pan of beans in the oven. Colin recently posted some photos to his twitter feed recently of a new oven/roaster he bought. It appears to only hold 3 pans at a time. My guess is that this is to reduce the variation throughout the oven.

Can you post a link to those articles, I would live to read them.

The Patric interview is from 2008, so I'm not sure how accurate it still is:

And here's the photo that Rogue posted:!/RogueChocolate/status/148800706311229441/photo/1


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