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some one know,

where is possible to buy a refrigerator here in USA whit humidity control, for chocolate proses ?


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What capacity (trays) and/or throughput (kg/hr) are you looking for and what is your budget? 

:: Clay

Hi Clay,

I think one with 5 °celcius with between 10 and 20 trays

and one with 15 ° cecius with also 10 - 20 trays

budget: +/- 8000$ for both



I may have just the units for you (company is in Florida). It's the holiday weekend so nothing is going to happen until Tuesday. I will check in then and let you know.

Hi Clay

I have 2 brand new stainless steel
tempering machine, capacity 30 kg ,
110 volts.
Each one for US $ 5500-

maybe you know some one interesting


kind regards


Hi Javier,


May I ask why are you selling the tempering machines?

What country were they manufactured?




Hi Omar,


I buy these machines, as a compressor, two stainless steel tables with marble moldes, ........ to open a chocolate shop in Texas,   but it does materialize, so I try to recover my investment.


kind regards



Hi Javier,


Did you have the opportunity to try them?

How do you like them?




Hi Omar,

I actually never use them, I just test them, and the run pretty well


kind regards




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