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has anyone used a matfer choco 15R?

It is listed most places as a tempering machine, but I understand that it has manual temperature controls, which makes it a dipping machine really

I have not had good luck with the chocovision machines, I don't find that it gives a good temper at all.


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It looks like a good machine. I have experience using a 6kg Mol D'art melter. The user must keep the chocolate in temper, but it is easily accomplished. This melter is great to get one started producing molded or dipped confections. Good luck to you!

Matt could you be a little more specific about the problems you've had with the chocovision? I've seen a few people complain about the smaller chocovision temperers, but the people who own the larger ones seem to really like them. Did you own one of the smaller ones? I am looking into the chocovisions myself, so any feedback from someone who has owned one would be helpful. Thanks.


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