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How do I measure 900 mgs. cocoa?

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I hate to appear like a jerk here, but wouldn't a scale be your best bet?

Actually you're not being a jerk, but if I read the question correctly, Rosalind wants to know how to measure 900 milligrams of cocoa powder - or 9/10 or 0.9 grams. That's a very good question. A scale is the way - the question is finding a scale that can accurately measure this quantity.

Which turns out to be not all that difficult and they are surprisingly inexpensive. Here's one with a 55gr capacity and a .01(one one-hundredth)gr resolution.

So what I want to know Rosalind is if you really do need to measure 900 milligrams I am very curious about the recipe that requires this kind of precision.

:: Clay
Cool little scales! I had no idea, I just weigh stuff out at work in the lab - probably not that safe. Good find.
I never need to weigh this small an amount of cocoa, but it would come in handy for small amounts of spices or even for tea.
I am not cooking but doing it for medical reasons - Alternative medical reasons. My health info advised 900 mgs cocoa daily for high blood pressure. I'm a professional portrait painter who had painted 12 BIG portraits 30"x 40" each of doctors for a Regional Hospital. I had lived in the town for my entire life, moved away; then a tornado destroyed the Hospital and tore up the portraits. I was commissioned to "COPY" and replace all of the portraits. I am not a machine and can not "COPY", yet those portraits were my legacy and therefore I had to do the impossible. I worked a year under great stress, received a handsome sum for the job and went from a lifetime of normal blood pressure to 225/179. When it hits 160 that is stroke time!!!! The medical doctor's drugs didn't help the pressure at all; only caused dreadful side effects. I turned to a regime of Atlernative medicine. 900 mgs. of DARK CHOCOLATE was one of the nine weird things I took while avoiding everything else. In two months time the pressure dropped from 225 down to 114 and has stayed below 120/79 ever since. I asked the question about the prescribed 900 mgs. because it is now time to eat more normally. I'm happy with a home mixed hot chocolate every evening:
Heat to 1.25 Hi- 8 ozs. milk, Stir in 1T. dark cocoa, 1 t. sugar, 3 drops vanilla,
Thanks for the scales info. I may first try to see if my pharmacist will weigh out 900 mgs. of cocoa, take home the cocoa, and measure the amount in a cup or Tablespoon. If that doesn't work, I'll get the scales. Thanks Rosalind


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