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I want to make more chewy, nutty centers and a caramel cutter is just too much work. Does anyone know any machinery used for the cutting of things like this?

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Chocolate World makes such a machine. Their on-line catalog is not very helpful. You will find a couple of photos on this page - M1920 (manual) M1922 (automatic).

I don't know anything else about these machines, I just remember seeing them when doing some other research.

:: Clay

Thanks Clay,

I'll check it out.

Chocolate world is about an hour drive from here..  I've got all my moulds from there, it's here in Belgium the most important supplier for everything concerning chocolate.  If you need some more info or catalogues I can arrange that for you.


Lucky you to be close, I'm not close to anything except we grow cacao!

I would be interested in pricing on the cutter clay mentioned and if they get used equipment which would be more affordable.

Come live here in Belgium.  I will stay in Maui than :o)

I will have a look in my catalogue, not sure if prices are in there for the cutter.  Otherwise I will call them this afternoon.  Which cutter ( this page )do you want a price for?  Tell me which article numbers you need, not that there is any misunderstanding!


Hi Davy,

I'm not sure if Melanie got her answers elsewhere but I sure would like to hear what the prices of those are...  if it's not too much trouble! 

I think most people (well, me anyways!) would be interested in the 7.5mm device.  So the model number for the manual one is M1921 and the semi-automatic is M1923. 

For the frames, 22.5mm (M1927) and 30mm (M1929) are the ones I would be interested in. 

I wonder if this device could replace a guitar??...  to cut ganache as well as firmer products??  Hmmmmm....

No problem, if I can help anyone, I would do it with pleasure!  I will call Chocolateworld tomorrow and ask for these prices...  I gues they can arrange shipment as well.  I see you live in Canada?  I will ask seperated prices for the material and the transport.  I will also ask if ths cutter can be use instead of the guitar cutter.  I'll let you know asap!

I just checked my catalogue and pricelist.  All numbers you require are in there.

Prices are excl VAT, but to be sure I will check them tomorrow on the phone with them!

M1921, elektronic device cutter 7,5mm: 5500€

M1923, semi automatic device cutter 7,5mm: 2300€

M1927, frame inox 22,5mm: 265,5€

M1929, frame inox 30mm: 237,5€

Prices are in euro, if you didn't notice.  I will give them a call tomorrow to check these prices, same for prices of shipping.


Hello Davy,

Thank you so much for going to that trouble!  Very nice of you...  There's no need to call the company for more info.  The pricing you gave me gives me a good place to start.  I didn't know these devices existed.  I will have to see one in action before considering it seriously.  I'm so glad to know they are out there and are within reach.

Thanks again!

I am wondering the difference between the automatic and semi automatic as its a big price difference. I actually have ot had a chance to peruse the catalog yet.


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