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Does anyone know if Victor's Melangeur are for sale yet?... I've tried to message him a couple of times now.

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Привет Виктор - я работал в Москве, Ступино, и Чердаклы на протяжении многих лет. Я хотел бы мою жену на отдых со мной там, но я плохой saleman и не убедил ее еще ​​присоединиться ко мне!

What you're seeing here is the difference between an industrial piece of equipment, and a non-industrial piece.  Yes the entry price point is higher; however the tolerances, variability and wear/tear will all be significantly improved vs some of the far less expensive alternatives.  As with any tool in your toolbox, selection of the right tool for the right job is critical.  There's a place for all the tools to one degree or another - my suspicion is that over time, some of you will discover some of the less expensive tools may find it challenging to standup to constant usage over time, and while they were appropriate for the business at it's inception, as your businesses grows they may no longer be the right tool any longer..


You are valid up to a point.  Yes, selection of the right tool for the job is important, and yes, sometimes the right tool is significantly more expensive up front.  5 times more expensive?  Well.... I have a hard time rationalizing that one - especially when a business is in that painful cash-crunching start up phase.


I remember 6 years ago asking you about the small MacIntyre conche/refiners, and then asking you about the ones I purchased.  I told you what I was about to pay, and your answer was this:  "The basic design of the machines is very simple, and given that you can buy 5 for the price of one MacIntyre, even if you have to buy 2 or three for the life of one MacIntyre you are still saving thousands of dollars."


Now, you have personally tasted my chocolate, and as someone who's very well respected in the chocolate community, aside from the criticism that I use too much cocoa butter in my 70% bars, you were very impressed with what I make using the inexpensive machines I purchased.


When it comes to posting online, there are some things I am happy to share, and some things I don't feel comfortable spoon feeding to people.  I had to do a lot of homework to research equipment necessary start my business and I took significant risk with my own money.  It is for this reason I'm reluctant to hand over the name of the company that I made my purchase from.


However, what I AM willing to tell you in the spirit of (partial) transparency is that in the past 5 years, I have had FOUR 45 litre conche refiners working 24/7 making the chocolate my stores use.  Aside from the replacement of some rear shaft seals (wear items) after two years of use, the $7,000 I paid for each machine has been repaid in spades - producing over $1.5 Million retail worth of chocolate.


So to all of you budding entrepreneurs wanting to start your own bean to bar chocolate company, I can tell you from PERSONAL experience that with a little online research you can save yourself approximately $20,000 PER MACHINE.  In fact I am currently in discussion with a company to become the exclusive North American dealer of such equipment.


In conclusion, there is a time and place for almost everything except for being ripped off, and I'm sorry but $20,000 for a small, inefficient stone mill?  To me that's a rip off.

Lets think of chocolate making as being similar to college degrees.

One can get an awful lot of learnings from a 4 year bachelors degree, and be able to apply that knowledge successfully.

By the time one has enough time & experience into it to have a PhD, some of the learnings that were appropriate at the bachelors level have expanded into a different perspective - the expansion of perspective that accompanies experience over time is a powerful vantage point. My strong suspicion is that if you keep on the trajectory that you have been on, the conversation we'll have 20 years from now will be very different 8-)

Well stated.  I certainly can't disagree with that.

In 20 years I'm hoping the conversation starts with "Hey Sebastian, am I flying you and your family out for Christmas again this year?  I've got a great view of Lake Louise from my new Chalet.  I've reserved the whole west wing and my personal chef for you!"


That makes two of us brother 8-)

Здравствуйте Себастьян! Вы пишите на русском! :-) Приятно встретить профессионала на ремесленном сайте! Из Марса я знаю Савельеву и несколько ребят из Ступино которые перешли работать в "Каолайн" из Марса. Мои проекты в России это Инфорум (индустриальный шоколад), бренд "Верность качеству" (ВК) я основатель этих компаний, а так же помог построить фабрику "Каолайн" под Ступино в Татариново 2011-2012 годах. В 2008-2009 году я обсуждал с Херши возврат их на российский рынок через мою компанию "ВК". Из-за кризиса сделка не состоялась. В какао бизнесе я с 1991 года.


Отлично! Я не добирался, чтобы использовать мой русский очень часто - это не точная сегодня, я думаю. Возможно, если бы я убедить мою жену, чтобы посетить, я улучшит его снова 8-)


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