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Hi folks!

I'm pretty new to making chocolates but I'm jumping in at the deep end and have decided to make everyone chocolates for Christmas. I've have some minor success in my test runs so far so I'm wondering if anyone can help me with fillings.

My favourite type of chocolate filling has to be the milk chocolate praline - you know, the kind you get in the middle of Guylian chocs. I have googled quite hard but I am struggling to find a recipe for creating something of that colour, flavour and consistency.

I've had one attempt so far using the recipe at the bottom of this page ( - careful if you try this, the quantities are massive) and while very tasty it does not match the colour, texture or taste that I'm looking for. Any recipe I find on the web is similar enough to that that I really doubt it'll be much different.

Can anyone help? Do you have a good recipe you don't mind lending me?


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215 grams of hazelnut paste (not sweetened) mixed with 500 grams of tempered milk chocolate, cool down to about 27 degrees C or so before piping in to your shells. Let fully crystallize before backing off.

Thanks! I'll try that out.


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