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Modding stock Ultra Grind+ wet grinder for chocolate use

I was recently in Bangalore, India and found wet grinders almost everywhere. I bought an Ultra Grind+ at a good price and brought it back with me to Colombia.

I understand people need to modify the machine for continuous operation for chocolate use. Could anyone describe these changes? I should be able to find local help to increase ventilation or change fans as needed.

Also, should I avoid using the machine for other culinary uses? It even comes with a kneader accessory and to justify the purchase I promissed my wife all kinds of tasty recipes including our own arepas (from ground corn) or dahl (ground lentils).

My quest for homemade chocolate is just beginning but 2012 will be my bean to bar year.


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From what I have researched the basic modification would require opening vents at the top of the motor cover (either drilled holes or lines), lifting the machine on a stand and adding an extra fan at the bottom. 

I already have a fan from an old video card with it's own 12V 0.15amps that I will use for cooling. While I get a hold of cacao beans I will try making gianduja with some nuts this weekend. 


just keep the the whole engine cool all the time and that should make the work. if something brakes (belt or other moving parts) change them for something more resistant.

just make sure to not overheat the electric motor!if you use cocoabeans just crush them and add bit at time, be patience and add ingredients slowly otherwise will block and you have to remove everything and start from scratch again.

Good luck and have fun!!!

Hi Antonino,
Thank you for the kind reply. I completed the changes on friday and have tested throughout the weekend. Temperature readings on the case don't go over 130f even after 4-6 hours of continued use but I did notice a bit of a ''motor" smell and one drop of black fluid on my first batch.

The lack of cacao beans brought me towards gianduja making and the texture and flavour is just amazing. I never thought I would be producing such smoothness at home.

I will keep on reporting on my progress.



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