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Hey Guys,

Most of us know that moisture is an important factor in controlling quality and that it should not exceed 50% where chocolate is stored.

My question however is how low can the moisture in the room drop down to without affecting the product(if it does affect it at all) For example, what happens if the moisture goes below 30% or even less?




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Our humidity here rarely goes over 20% (unless it is raining) and I don't have problems. I rather think it is an advantage. I can take chocolate from a cold room to room temp without condensation collecting. It might be just what you are used to. I don't know if I could produce in high humidity with the same results.

Thank you Ruth,

Lebanon can get really humid especially during summer.I have humidity removing machines installed in almost every room. That's why I never knew if it affects the product..until now. Thanks again!



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