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This is probably an easy one for many of you but I'm at a loss. I colored some cocoa butter and painted it into my molds, no problem. Did all the chocolate and filling, everything went well until I un-molded.  Some came out with a really great shine while others didn't?

Do I need to temper the cocoa butter? did I not chill the filled mold enough prior to unmolding? This was my first attempt at this. I love the look and want to experiment more but would love know where I might have gone wrong....any help would be appreciated.


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Some people temper, some don't. I'm part of the "yes" crowd. I find that when I don't temper the CCB it gives inconsistent results. When I do, never a problem. Also depends on what technique was used: airbrush, finger, brush?
I have a Hilliard's cooling cabinet, and usually leave the mold in the cooler for 1/2 hour after capping. After that we unmold basically just by flipping over and if necessary giving it a gentle tap.
method: finger

So how do you temper such a small amount of cocoa butter? do you seed it with cocoa butter? From what I've read the ideal temperature to work with it is 90 degrees? Everything looks except no shine.

Appreciate the help
Could be lots of things, from improper temper to dirty moulds to improper cooling.

Some use a precoat of clear cocoa butter to boost the shine - it can work very very well. I'll often do it myself before layering color. Others simply start with the color, which can work well too. Some believe that if you start with solid cocoa butter and very gently melt it such that it's a finished temp of about 90F, the act of rubbing it into the mould with your finger may precipitate some xtallization - i'm not sure - perhaps it does. They key is to start with a room temp mould (oh, 70F or so) and not overheat your cocoa butter, and then properly cool it. Keep your RH at no more than 60% as well, as that can cause some sticking. Buffing your moulds with a cotton ball before you mould often helps as well.
ah there's my problem.... I probably over heated it and the ones that turned out perfect where the last ones I worked on! Perfect! Thank you so much...I will try again and thanks for the tips.
I don't temper either - but I heat only to the point where there is still some unmelted coloured cocoa butter in the container. Most of the problems I've had related to cocoa butter that is too warm (or chocolate behind it that is too cool).

If you put a drop in a mold that is too warm, you need to agitate it until it starts to crystallize - either with your finger or a paint brush etc.
hi i temper coloured ccb as if it was dark chocolate so i put it down to 29 then up to 32 degrees i buff the mould with cotten ball and heat the mold a little bit to i never had a problem and i get a nice shine everytime


i have also problems with the shine of the cocoa butter.

So i need to heat up to 40-45 than cool it down to 29 and then up to 32? I think that the inproper tempering makes my work dull.

I also would like to ask, what colours do you use with dark chocolate? I tried yellow, and green but they dont' look so good on dark chocolate.

Do you use cocolred cocoa butter in the paint gun in the same way?

hi  ok so i all ways temper the ccb  by seading you can usually  go as far as 33.2 degrees 

with dark choc the colors don't come out as well not much you can do about that.

is using an airbrush always  heat the gun and try to keep the movement steady 

i also head my molds a lil bit to  hope it helps

Can anyone suggest an online retailer where can I buy a kit of many different cocoa butter colors?



Erica -

Have you taken a look at Chef Rubber?

Yes I have! In fact I sent them an email just a few hours before this post and a, waiting their response. I have the items in my shopping cart, just wanted to see the sources anyone else had, but thanks for the confirmation! :)



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