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Sorry, but I have another question, AGAIN! My molds I made last night comes out of the mold with only a very light tap and, of course, the part that was on the mold is beautiful and shiny, but the bottoms are dull, no chocolate bloom though.

I get it with all my molds, all the molds I have made a long time ago is still beautifully shiny on the top, dull at the bottom, but even after months no chocolate bloom. I am keeping them to see what is going to happen! Any idea why that is the case? Does it mean my chocolate is not quite in temper yet?

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Margarietha - 

Can you please upload some clear pictures that show the problem you are describing?

Thanks Clay. I am not successful in trying to get you clear photos. I do not have a decent camera (a bad workman blames his tools!) I'll ask my son to take some when he is here again and then I will upload them. Meantime I have figured out that some of my problems are because my thermometer's battery is flat. I did not think it possible as it is not even a month old. I suppose it did not come with a fully loaded battery from the factory.
Is it possible that it is dull by comparison to the shine you get from a mold?  I'm wondering if it is just the normal less-than shiny finish one gets when closing molds?
Ruth, thanks for your reply, you might be right. As soon as I have photos I post them and let you all on Chocolate Life tell me whether I am paranoid or whether I have a real problem.

I'm sorry I still don't have photos to show you (I have no clue how to get them in focus!), hopefully my son will pitch up here some time, he is never around on weekends! These last few days I ran into even more problems with my molds. Now I get full out chocolate bloom, I can understand that is a tempering problem, what I do not understand is that I have no problem with my dipped truffles?


I am using a long stem teaspoon to put the chocolate into the molds. Previously they came out OK as I have said above, but I am now wondering it that is the problem. Should I try the method of the plastic bottle with the chocolate in it? Will that make any difference. I it was only a tempering problem I should have problems with my dipped truffles as well?



Ok, so I have been trying to take photos of my molds with the problems. The photos are not very good, but never the less you will be able to see the kind of "streaks" and even something that looks like chocolate bloom. The top is beautifully shiny, falls out of the molds if I do not turn them around carefully with a good snap. Also it is not all the molds from the one batch, some are perfect than some has these marks and chocolate bloom. The ones that are so very white shows how the white "spots" is more visible at certain angles and at others you cannot see it. Could it be the way I work with them. I spoon the chocolate into the molds. Should I rather try the method with the plastic bottle?  I just find that the nozzle clogs after a while, so help please!

I do not have a decent camera, do not know how to get the photos from my cell that does take decent photos as I have to do it with blue tooth and I do not know how to do it and even with the best equipment I will not be able to take decent photos, so I hope these will give you an idea of my problem.

Someone Please!

In don't thinks you did anything wrong.

Just the same as you handdip pralines, they won't be a shiny as a moulded praline.

If you want the bottoms more shiny, you can put a plastic foil on the chocolate when it is still fluid.


Ah, what a good idea. They must be in temper as my associate just brought some mold back that she used for marketing. I made them in August and they are still fine. Thanks.


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