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Ugh, so I'm having trouble getting the cherry flavor to come through in a morello cherry cheesecake truffle. I'm using quite a high percentage of reduced cherry puree but once it's in the very mild cheesecake ganache I get nothing ( okay VERY little)cherry flavor that comes through. It's driving me nuts! Any suggestions?

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Following! I am having the same trouble with just a chocolate/morello cherry ganache, while you can taste that 'something' is there, the flavor just isn't intense enough to recognise it. I thought I might try reducing the puree on stovetop to intensify the flavour?
That's what I'm doing now, and adding quite a lot, not enough comes through for my tastes.
If you can post the recipe you are using that might help. Are you using just the purée or cream and purée in the ganache?
Hi thank you for replying. I was using about 11oz + purée (reduced to a thick paste) per lb of white chocolate. No cream. I think I'm just kind of over it, it has so much cherry in it it's really dark but still not enough flavor. Oh well maybe a different cherry variety?

One option is to create a Morello Cherry Pate De Fruit on top of a white chocolate ganache. This would work well for a square bon bon.


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