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This is my first Valentine's season and I am starting to freak out (probably unnecessarily!).
We have just gone through Xmas and New Year's and Valentine's seems so close.

Have you guys started thinking about Valentine's yet?

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I am. In what way is this your first Valentine's? What kinds of things does your valentine like?
I think he means his first Valentine's Day in the chocolate biz and how to handle the busy-ness.
I think if you plan well and work really hard then you can just let it go after that. If you run out, you run out and most people get that if they are coming to a little artisan shop, especially in your first season. The people that don't understand might be "happier elsewhere" and you might be happier without them, too!

That's precisely what I meant.
I guess you are right...I will do the best I can!

Thank you,

Oh, nevermind. My question makes no sense. Sorry, I'm new here. Still getting used to it.
That's all right.
Traditionally we send Valentines Day cards to friends and loved ones...You can send a free virtual Valentine to everyone on your list and you could win two special edition boxes of Godiva chocolate – one to savor and one to share. Go to for details. Let me know if you like it. I'm supporting this promo and am a true chocolate lover!
Hey Andre! This is my second Valentine's Day. Last year I learned that it is very much a last minute Holiday for us. Most everyone came the week of Valentine's Day. We also learned to have things like baskets or sampler boxes of truffles made up because a lot of the shoppers wanted very easy gifts. They liked coming in and picking up the big pretty baskets or boxes instead of choosing truffles to have us box for them. Then there are the little packaged chocolates for those customers who want just a little something to give friends. We sold a lot of those too! I like what Sarah said...if you run out you run out. Be ready to start cranking out Easter Bunnies like crazy! ~Wendy
Hi Wendy.
Thank you for the tips and good luck with your second Valentine's!!!

Oh, boy!!! Easter??? Lol...wonderful!


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