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hiya my name is dave and i am from south yorkshire in a place called Doncaster i am a total newbie when it comes to chocolate i have bought some plastic mould some belgian chocolate milk dark and white having a few probs would love some help and advice can some one point me in the right direction do you have a beginers section where i can get some info on my problems

looking forward to being member and learning new things about chocolate

Regards Dave

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Hi Dave.

Before you do anything with your chocolate, the first thing I would suggest is thoroughly research and understand the concept of tempering chocolate.  There is a wealth of information on this site.  Maybe Clay (the site owner) can point you in the right direction.


Cheers and happy chocolatiering!



thank you for the reply brad appreciate the advice i suppose as a beginner i do have a lot to learn i have bought some belgian chocolateProduct Description:
Belcolade Milk chocolate easimelt 35.6% with a pleasant cocoa taste and a sensation of honey. Applications:
Ideal viscosity for dipping, enrobing, hollow figures, panning and moulding.  and moulds so am almost ready to start making some lollies just as a start

Hi David,

As Brad said, there's tons of stuff online and written in forums like this one that will help you get started and understanding the basics of tempering is critical. It's a case of reading everything you can find, checking out Youtube and experimenting in the kitchen. There are loads of great books too.

More local to you, there's a company called Keylink in Sheffield who have a very useful set of instructional videos that are free to watch on their website.

Good luck!



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