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I'm tired of blowing through cans of compressed air and have come to the conclusion that it's no longer cost effective. I just wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for air compressor's. Who has compressors, what type and what are it's pros and cons?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Sarah, I bought a Badger 180-11 on ebay about 4 years ago, used got a great deal. It is affordable and it works for small work load. I also use a badger air spray, it is also unexpensive and works well, could use an upgrade though :-P
go to they were very helpful for my air brush questions and food grade compressor.
Food grade and professional chocolate air brushes and air compressor can be very expensive, if you don't want to sped a large sum, the hobby grades are the best option. Go to egullet bakery and pasrty forum, there is plenty info on that as well as everything else.

Hi Sarah,

I enjoy reading your blog! I was just wondering what you ended up getting as I am in the market for an air compressor too. I am just starting out working with cocoa butter and an airbrush so I feel a little lost as to what to buy. Thanks!

Thanks! I decided to put it off for a while longer. I don't have a large budget, or much space right now so I am making due with the compressed air. I think the best suggestion was to look at what chef rubber has and I'm sure if you called them they could answer any questions you might have.

Hey Sarah,


  When you start to look for compressors again I would recommend getting one with 2 hoses. It helps with production if you want 2 people spraying or if you just want to have multiple colors ready as you work... It also helps if the airbrushes get clogged you can blow the nozzle out, without having to take the brush apart... its just a time saver once you get into production mode... 

If you have any questions just let me know I have been playing with them for a little while now...


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