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So I have 1 day to figure this out! I am trying a different method of making truffles. I need my truffles to have a long shelf life so I can package them and sell them in stores without refrigeration. So instead of heavy cream, I am using Canola Oil. The only reason I switched to oil is because when I look at truffles sold on the shelf (like Lindt's Lindor Truffles), they dont have cream in them, they have some sort of vegetable oil. The problem is I just made 2 test batches and it was perfect when it was cold/cool, but when it hit room temp, it got super grainy! It was so smooth, just like the center of those Lindt Truffles, like a super smooth creamy chocolate "ganache like" center. (I realize its not a TRUE ganache, but I dont know what else to call it lol). But after it hits room temp, it feels like I dumped a cup up sugar in there. Is this a temperature problem? Is it something to do with the emulsification? Do I need to temper it or something?


The way I made them was:

Melted the Guittard Chocolate (12 ounces) in microwave.

Added 1/3 cup canola oil for one batch, 1/2 cup for the second (as a test)

Mixed well.

Put in freezer for maybe 5 minutes.

Moved to fridge.

Took it all out when it was firm.


Then when I would take a little spoon full, it was super smooth and pretty good! But after 20 minutes of sitting out, it was the worst "ganache" ive ever had.


Im pretty new to this (chocolate), but really love working with this stuff. I want to get good at it so bad, but cant afford to go to school right now. Does anyone know what Im doing wrong here?


Possible solutions that I can think of:

I have some Soy Lecitin... Should I put some of that in the mix?

Should I let it set at a different temp? Maybe for a day instead of 20 min?

Too much/too little oil?

Maybe some butter?

Temper it? (I have a Rev2 machine, and a Mol de art melter (6kg, havent used it yet)

Ask the pros? (:


Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I wont forget it either!



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Just a note about quirky chemistry between cocoa and coconut fats.  Mixing these two actually lowers the melting point of your mixture to BELOW the melting point of either fat individually.  This is known as a eutectic effect, and will happen when you mix cocoa fats with either coconut fats or palm kernal oil, or any lauric fat, in fact.


Coconut fat has a melting point around 33C/94F

Cocoa butter has a melting point around 34C/94F

Combined, the melting point actually drops well below 33C


We're talking meltaway centres, where the transition in the mouth from solid to liquid state happens VERY quickly, and the transfer of heat that happens in the melt actually leaves the tongue feeling cooled.  There is a chocolate candy that makes use of this chemistry... I used to love them when I was 6.  They come foil wrapped squares and triangles.


With the drop in melting point for your centres, this could cause a few problems for enrobing/dipping, so you'd have to be more careful if you were going to coat in that manner.  Shell moulding would work better with a centre involving coconut fat.

you can use cocoa butter, or maybe copha
there is some long shelf life ready made from belcolade. the name is crystofill.

Wow, the amount of help and advice that I have received here is unbelievable! I couldn't thank you all enough! I will be trying all these things throughout the week (I still have 55 hrs a week of duty in the Army), so it may take me a while to try all these out at home, but once I figure out what worked, I will post back here to let everyone know so if someone else searches this issue later, they will have whatever worked for me.

Thanks again so much everyone!!!

Try this: 1kg of tempered milk chocolate

              1 kg of white temperd chocolate

              750g of red wine , or muscat

stir all together.It will get harder but warm up the bowl on the stove and keep stiring until it comes together , smooth. spread the mixer between the frames (or a baking tray),and let set for 24 hours. and shape as you pleased

and sorry, dipped them in dark chocolate or milk


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