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Good morning all
I am reaching out to this group for some help.  I am about to launch a new packaging item for Chocolate.  The short description of this item is a pair of plastic champagne cups / glasses that are lined with Chocolate.  I am selling the packaging / glasses.  Not the chocolate, that is for your folks to do.  My issue is trying to come up with some sort of catchy name.  These glasses can be used for a variety of desserts / drinks. I would appreciate any help or suggestions that you can offer.  Right now I am calling it a "chocolate dessert cup"  Will be happy to forward you a pic if you think it might help.
Thanks to all for your help
Paul DeFruscio
Mason Box

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Please clarify - you are only selling the plastic champagne cups and there is no chocolate in them? And what do you mean when you say that is "for you(r) folks to do"? Do you mean that chocolate sellers would buy these and add the chocolate and then resell them or that the consumer would buy them and add the chocolate? What type of crowd are you planning to market this item to (i.e. wedding parties, general population, etc)? This could affect the neame you choose. I have to be entirely honest with you. I really don't get this (with or without the chocolate) on any level. I'm sure everyone will have their own opinion but this is not something I would see at a tradeshow or in a store and think that I want it or need to buy it. Also, I would assume that most people already have some form of glasses they could use for what you are suggesting. Maybe I'm missing something. Perhaps additional information would help me understand better.
Thanks for your reply. We are in the packaging business, so the package would consist of the box and 2 empty glasses. Our target market is the retailer of chocolate. The retailer would buy the package with the empty glass. This concept appeals to a variety of markets, It is up to your imagination to come up with a use for the product. But for one minute, imagine, you are having someone over for dinner, and you want a creative dessert, take a pair of chocolate lined cups, scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce, and you have a unique and sexy dessert. Then remove the chocolate from the glasses and eat it. Someone mentioned a chocolate Martini, image serving the martini in a cup lined in chocolate.
As far at the trade thing goes, this is just one of the many items we will be showing at the Chocolate show in Atlantic City next month.
Thanks again for your comments, what makes your reply interesting to me, it that I need to refine my presentation, and make the usage more clear.
I agree with Andrea, not sure if this would be appealing to all that many people. just my opinion. I see where you are hoping to go with it but I would rather use a nice glass to make a special desert rather than plastic, seems cheap. I wish you the best with it regardless.
As a Chocolatier that does shows and events, plastic glasses would be my last choice to use. Good luck in your venture. Think you would be better off changing your target market, have to agree with the other two on this one.


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