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Need Ideas for an Advanced Chocolate Course - what would people want to learn?

Brian Donaghy - pastry chef at Tomric - and I have been discussing running an advanced chocolate course aimed at artisan chocolate makers who need to improve their talents and their product.

I would assume that most people would love to look at some equipment with an eye to increasing production - but beyond that what would you think that people would want to learn if they knew the basics but wanted to improve?

I guess it begs the question - what are basic chocolate techniques and what are advanced techniques? What do most people who are producing feel they are weak at and want to improve?

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Looks like we've got dates picked out - Feb 28 and Mar 1. Brian is going to firm up the outline and I'll post more later - but the topics to be covered will be shelf life, decorating techniques, 3d molding, dipping and getting a perfectly smooth bottom. Of course we'll make a bunch of centers and provide new recipes for them.
Due to scheduling issues this class got cancelled in Feb - but we are set to go again on October 17 and 18. We've had one dropout and have room for one more participant if anyone is interested. E-mail me at kerry-at-thechocolatedoctor-dot-ca if interested for the details.


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