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Need to know about parts/manual availability for this machine.

We purchased this ChocoTec temperer off of ebay awhile back. It came w/o a manual and it works as expected - a digital thermostat allows the operator to set a temp and see the desired temp and the actual temp at the same time. This seems intuitive - as does the use of the shaker. The only thing I'm not sure about is the vertical wheel in configuration with a stainless angled rod at the top. My question is: is this where the chocolate pours off while the wheel is spinning or am I missing an attachment (like a trough) that should be attached to the rod to dispense chocolate into molds?

Another question is: where can I get such an attachment or a manual - does anyone know of a distributor for Chocotec machines in the U.S.?

I would greatly appreciate any info I can get!


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You're missing a piece that should fit onto the rod, where the wheel then fits into a groove in the piece, allowing the chocolate to be brought up into the piece which has a spout opening for filling molds.

is it similar to the trough/spout on a hilliards enrober? if so, i have one and could possibly have one fabricated based on this one - or order one from hilliards to modify. Could you link or upload or send a photo of the piece to me? Thanks!

Hi there. Jeff is correct in the type of attachment you need. Here is a link -- (click on wheel tempering machine if you need to)  You might be able to figure things out from there. Good luck with your new machine. You will figure it out!

i appreciate it. I think i may have to have one fabricated. It's amazing that there's no chocotec presence on the web. I wonder if they're no longer around. I see the machines here and there, but no company info anywhere. I'm gonna need that spout for sure. I may have a steel place in town fabricate me one. I think I'm gonna mock one up w/ cardboard and take it to a shop advertising stainless/sheet welding.

I appreciate the link above. I came across this one too these too

That is certainly one option. Another option is to contact Bakon USA or Perfect. Show them a picture of your machine and see if they have a part that could fit your machine. If they have something in stock or can create something for you, they will ask you all the right questions about the dimensions of the machine to make sure that what you order will indeed work. Good Luck!

I appreciate it! I also found Prefamac as a possibility. The issue is the configuration of the holder/attachment for the spout and where it's attached behind the wheel. I think I may have to go custom. I'm open to all options though. Thanks!

I'm such a geek when it comes to chocolate machinery! I think I read somewhere that Chocotec is somehow related to Sollich . Perhaps if you found a Sollich rep they would be able to point you in an interesting direction. If not, you seem like a pretty resourceful person.

I have this same machine and am in a similar boat, as I have no manual, but I do have the spout.  I've attached the best photo I have right now if you'd like more I can take more.  It's a simple piece I'm sure any metal shop could fabricate it for you, it's just attached with a metal bit and tightened with a fancy nut. I hope this helps.


Thanks! Since I started this thread, I've actually built a spout out of thin cardboard and I'm waiting for the fabricator to finish up some welds on the stainless. I appreciate you attaching a photo. I believe I have figured out the digital readout/controls - it's pretty straight forward. I'm anxious to put this machine to work.

By the way, the vibrating table on this machine is back to front.. the grill should be next to the wheel, not hanging over the left hand side as shown in this picture.

I appreciate it! I had flipped the vibrating part around while I was cleaning the machine prior to the photo.

Here is ChocoTec's website:  As Danial Herskovic mentioned they are part of Sollich.


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