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I am opening a specialty Chocolate Store in Washington D.C. in May. If you have very high quality specialty chocolate bars, I would like to hear from you. Chocolate must be made from Single Plantation, or Single Origin, or rare bean species to be considered. I am looking for premium products from around the world, not just the USA. I currently have a number of vendors, but am looking for a special selection of chocolate to feature. If you think you have that product, please send an email to The store boasts an international selection of high quality chocolate and carries over 400 items. Rest assured that your products will not get lost on the shelves. I heavily market our products. 


Thank you and I look forward to build new relationships among the chocolate community. 



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Is it true you bought Biagio's store?  If so, congrats! 


Have you considered a certified ethical section? I for one, now that I more fully understand how the vast majority of our cacao is produced would prefer to buy certified ethical.


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